Capsules machines and which ones we suggest for making your own capsules

Capsules machines and which ones we suggest for making your own capsules

If you ever wondered if you can capsule your kratom easy, well then this is for you! If you don’t like the taste or can’t handle tea or the good ol “toss n wash”!? These are the two capsule machines I have used for making capsules in store at our shop. ( When we were allowed to sell capsules)

If this is just for personal use and your dose is usually pretty small then this should do the trick with 50 capsules max.  I use this one every time I travel and if I just want an easy dose without tea.  If you are looking for a making quite a bit of capsules in a short amount of time. This may be the one for you, so you can make stacks for weeks and weeks and not have to hassle around with individually capping anything. This is my personal favorite for making a lot of the same strain. All the top and bottoms shake and fall into place with a little tweaking and figuring out the little quirks that come with this machine. One is you need to perfectly line the top and bottom plate when pushing both plates together at the end and brush off any excess powder before fully pushing them together. I would say this is the absolute best cheap option for making tons of capsules.

Final thoughts

All you really need to figure out is what size of capsules you want to use and swallow. The “00” are the standard of any pills you get anywhere which are .5 grams(so a half a gram). “0” is the bigger kinda horse pill but holds more(.75). My personal preference is the “00”   especially for traveling so they blend in with all the rest of my capsules. So when purchasing your capsules machine make sure to choose the right capsules size and when buying empty capsules in large quantity.  Also just search amazon or ebay for which size you need.  You will figure out each machine with due time. Each one will do the trick with any agenda. Have a great day Kratom community!

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