Traditional Kava Root Vanuatu

Kava Vanuatu is a combination of 5-6-year-old roots. It’s potent, slightly bitter with a hint of pepper. From the islands of Tanna, an Island in Vanuatu’s best known strongest Kava, with high Kavalactone content. 100% Sun dried.

From our expert reviewer friend, Mr J. Price, ” This kava is special. It’s one of those kavas that slaps you in the face, then spends the next hours apologizing and comforting you. I’ve been mixing it 50/50 with weaker roots as this kava is that strong.

It’s a lactone laden heavy kava that still has the kavain kick with a quite prominent anti-depressant quality. I find myself smiling while going to sleep with my eyes closed.

The taste of kava is something to me that I just have to get through quickly. It’s pungent, earthy, and bitter. Medium to thick body, and brews up chocolate dark.

It kicks in quickly. 3-5 minutes to begin to feel that kavain. It then ramps up the intensity for the duration of the time, leaving you totally relaxed and thinking dearly about the bed. It seems to have an uplifting effect in terms of mood. Just an all-around good kava. When you try this one, get a bag of Lewena as well and try mixing them to find the perfect ratio”.

  • Pure noble kava
  • Free shipping
  • 100% sun dried
  • Super strong. Our strongest variety
  • Heavy effects. Relaxes body and mind, for evening drinking
  • Lateral roots only
  • Lab test attached – for purity – no fillers added, kavalactone content & toxicity
  • Medium grind. Need strainer bag to make it traditional way

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