** Nano-emulsified for enhanced bioavailability!  THREE 84mg servings per 15ml bottle! **

For our most experienced Kratom users, get ready for the tastiest, highest-quality NANO kratom extract on the market. Every bottle of Zenith contains 250mg of mitragynine per 3 serving bottle. This brings you 83.33mg of extraordinary kratom extract per serving. As one of our newest Kratom extract products, Zenith Nano Liquid is easy to consume and more convenient than a traditional Kratom extract. Made using nano-technology to create a more concentrated liquid extract, this new product WILL NOT disappoint.

Kratom extracts are derived from the leaves of the Kratom plant. They are made by using various extraction methods to concentrate the active alkaloids found in Kratom leaves. This results in a highly potent form of Kratom that is often more effective than traditional Kratom powder or leaves. The specific method used to make Kratom extracts can vary, but common methods include boiling the leaves to create a tea, or using solvents to extract the alkaloids. The end result is a concentrated form of Kratom that provides a more efficient way to consume the plant.


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