Traditional Kava Root Loloma Waka

Regular Waka Roots are up to 5-year-old roots. It is for everyday drinking, day or night, with a balanced effect, in between heavy and heady. It’s strong and smooth. From the Islands of Vanua Levu in Fiji best known for smooth delicious Kava, with high Kavalactone content. 100% Sun dried. It ideally gives a strong taste that kava lovers prefer.

Grind: Medium traditional grind. This kava kneads up nicely. Makes a darker brew but that’s to be expected of waka. No strange smells.

Taste: Has the classic pungent waka taste with bitter peppery overtones and no lingering flavor after my chug session. This is definitely a multiple wash kava, as the first wash feels like you’re kneading a bag of clay indicating more lactones left in the root. Made a thin to medium-bodied kava which I had no trouble drinking.

Effects: The effects are what I would call a balanced Fijian leaning slightly heady. Slept well, and woke up this morning feeling great. At $49.99 an lb currently it’s definitely worth the price. I would say the old root waka is a bit more powerful in terms of effects, but this one gets the job done all the same. No nausea, no excess dry skin. A good middle-of-the-road noble kava for a good price. If you haven’t tried Fiji Vanua Kava yet, I suggest giving them a shot”.

  • Pure noble kava
  • Free shipping
  • 100% sun dried
  • Balanced effects. Relaxing effects, not as heavy. For both day & evening drinking
  • Lateral roots only
  • Lab test attached – for purity – no fillers added, kavalactone content & toxicity
  • Medium grind. Need strainer bag to make it traditional way

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