Mushroom + Kava Extract Shot 2oz

Mushroom + Kava Extract Shot 2oz is the ultimate relaxation shot! These Mushroom + Kava Extract Shots showcase their ability to combine multiple herbs to create a product designed to be an excellent relaxation companion.

Each 2oz shot comes in a resealable glass bottle. Every bottle contains an 1835mg proprietary Kava Root Extract and Mushroom Extract blend. As mentioned, this blend was created to provide users with deep, full-body relaxation and a calm mind!

Kava Extract (or piper methysticum) is often considered the alcohol of natural herbs. It can relax the body and mind while offering mood-boosting properties. Functional Mushrooms such as reishi and lion’s mane can also help to promote a calm mind and relaxation.

When Kava Extract and Mushroom Extract are paired, they work synergistically to enhance this calming sensation further. Users can expect to feel various effects from these shots; we’ll list some below!

  • Mood Enhancement
  • Calm Focus
  • Mental Clarity
  • Deep Relaxation In The Body And Mind
  • Overall Sense Of Well Being

 Mushroom + kava shots are considered a high potency shot for experienced users. Each 2oz bottle contains two total servings; it is suggested users take one serving at a time.

Product Features:

  • Available In a Single 2oz Glass Bottle 
  •  1835mg Proprietary Blend Of Kava Root Extract + Mushroom Extract
  • Two Servings Per Bottle
  • Great For Mood Enhancement + Relaxation
  • GMP Certified And Third Party Lab tested


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