300mg MIT 30ml King K Kratom Extract Shot

King K Liquid Kratom Shots, available in Gold variants, known for their strength and flavor. Here are the key features of King K Shots:

  1. Strength: King K Shots are extra-strong kratom products, so caution is advised, especially for those new to kratom extracts.
  2. Flavor: These shots have a pure, clean, and long-lasting impact, and they are known for their significantly better taste compared to competitors in the market.
  3. Enhanced with Black Pepper Extract: King K Shots are enhanced with Black Pepper Extract, which is a natural potentiator known to enhance the effects of botanical products like kratom. This addition helps the effects hit faster and last longer.
  • King K Gold: Contains 1,000mg of kratom extract with 300mg of mitragynine content.

Enhanced with Black Pepper Extract for enhanced effects.

These shots are formulated to have a better taste, offering a smoother and less medicinal-tasting kratom shot. King K Shots are considered one of the best kratom shots on the market, known for their potency and flavor.


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