FDA Pressuring World Health Organization To Ban Kratom

FDA Pressuring World Health Organization To Ban Kratom


The FDA in its constant search for ways to ban Kratom has taken a new dangerous tact, by attempting to pressure the World Health Organization (WHO) to ban Kratom internationally, along with a list of other substances.

While they have been beaten back at every turn in the US by Kratom advocates since they first attempted to Schedule Kratom, the FDA continues to find new ways to limit the availability, supply and sale of Kratom in the US. A quick glance at the language in their proposal regarding Kratom should give you an idea that this is clearly not backed by anything actual Kratom users experience, but clearly sounds like some of the inaccurate information the FDA has pushed for years. The WHO has opened up a comment period where they are asking for real people to leave comments about their experiences with each of the substances in question. This commenting period ends 8/9/2021.

We are asking ALL Kratom advocates to take a couple minutes and write a real comment about how Kratom has helped you or someone you know. This is NOT a place to attack the government agencies that attack Kratom, but if enough peoples real experiences are given, the truth about Kratom will be clear to see. These bans have been beaten back accross the US for years, but if a large organization like the WHO comes out formally against Kratom, it could severely limit the ability to import into the US, as well as give the FDA the ammo they need to work towards a stateside ban. We ask that you take a couple minutes to do this and share with everyone you know!

***IMPORTANT UPDATE:*** 7/28/2021

We have since learned that the FDA can submit these formal comments to the WHO at their own discretion. Given the FDA’s attitude towards Kratom, the chances that all comments make its way to the WHO are minimal. The American Kratom Association (AKA) has decided to take it upon themselves to collect formal comments and direct them unedited to the WHO. IF YOU HAVE LEFT A COMMENT AT THE FDA SITE, PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER COMMENT ON THE AKA WEBSITE TO ENSURE THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION HEARS THE TRUTH! Please share this with as many Kratom advocates as you can!


To leave a comment with the AKA to send to the WHO about your experience with Kratom, click here.

Please take a couple minutes to help keep Kratom legal and available!

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