Did you know?

Did you know?

Hello Kratom community,

It’s been a long time since an update with what is going on with our shop.  Hope all has been well with everyone and we all survived the pandemic.  We had our ups and downs at the shop but we did survive and come through on the other side.  We have been trying to make changes and keep things fresh for you the customer.

Did you know we carry capsules now?

We now carry 25 different strains of capsules.  Red, Green, White and Yellows for your choosing.

Did you know we carry extracts?

The extract is an in house liquid extract, 12ml bottle.  1-4 doses depending on body chemistry and tolerance.  50x powder extract.  Vinegar and distilled water base.

Did you know we have new powder strains?

We are always trying to keep it fresh with new strains for the rotation of tolerance.   If it’s been a long time since you heard or stopped by we now have red waka wali, white dragon, yellow elephant, yellow sumatra.  Saved the best for last and introducing our new house blends, Mile High Lightning which is our 7 strain white blend.  Area 51, which is 7 of our most euphoric greens.  Mile High Thunder, we blend 7 of our best reds.  We have a little bit of something for everyone I hope!  You can look at all of the 50+ strains and all of our new goodies at  https://milehighbotanical.com/

Call us with any question 720-339-2303.

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